Oh! Forum

Protocol Proposer

The OhForum contract acts as the Proposer in the Proposer-Executor model. The Forum keeps a record of all user proposals and votes. User votes are tallied by finding the amount of Oh! Finance Tokens delegated to the user at the proposal's starting block.


  • quorumVotes - 4,000,000 OH - Minimum votes required for a proposal to be considered valid

  • proposalThreshold - 1,000,000 OH - Minimum amount of tokens required to make a proposal

  • votingDelay - 1 - Time period in blocks that must pass before a proposal can be voted on

  • votingPeriod - 17280 (~3 days) - **Time period in blocks that a proposal can be voted on

  • maxOperations - 10 - Maximum amount of functions that be included in each proposal


Proposals are a set of on-chain functions that modify the Oh! Finance protocol. These proposals could contain instructions to add contracts for a new Yield Index to the protocol, change protocol parameters, or upgrade a proxy contract.

Voting Phases

Once a proposal has been made, it enters into a review phase where voting is not yet allowed, the votingDelay. As soon as the review phase ends, delegated users can cast votes during the voting phase, the votingPeriod. If quorum has been met and the proposal has a majority passing votes, then the proposal can be queued up for execution on the Oh! Governor.

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