Oh! Token

ERC-20 Governance and Profit Share Token

The OhToken is a standard ERC-20 token that is used by the protocol for Governance and Profit Share.

  • name - Oh! Finance Token

  • symbol - OH

  • decimals - 18

  • totalSupply - 100,000,000

The Oh! Finance Token supports calling the permit() function (EIP-2612 Compliant) for signature-based approvals.


Oh! Finance Tokens represent voting rights in the protocol governance module. Each token transfer stores a checkpoint which can be referenced on-chain to determine a user's voting power at any given block.

Users can delegate their votes to a trusted party or self-delegate to participate in protocol voting.

More information can be found on governance in the Oh! Governance section.

Profit Share

Oh! Finance Tokens are used as a proxy for protocol revenue. A percentage of total profit generated from all Indexes are redistributed to Oh! Finance Token holders through an on-chain buyback & burn mechanism.

More information can be found on the buyback & burn mechanism in the Oh! Manager section.

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