What is Oh! Finance, How Does it Work?

The OH! Finance protocol will be going live on 10/26 at 06:00 PM UTC

Oh! Finance aims to offer 10-21% yield by single side staking USDC.e on its platform?

  • For non-crypto users: “Single side staking USDC.e” is the equivalent of depositing USD on a bank account. You trust your money to the bank’s custody in exchange for a safe deposit and hope for some return beating the inflation rate. The bank uses your deposited money for investments, loans, etc to generate interest.

In a very similar process, you will deposit your USDC.e on Oh! Finance (your funds are then in Oh! Finance custody) and Oh! Finance will invest it on safe crypto platforms to generate yield on your behalf. At any time, you will be able to withdraw a part or all of your funds (+ the earned interests).

On top of the yield earned in USDC.e, you will receive OH tokens as additional rewards for staking on Oh! Finance.

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